Alex Clough

Pianist, teacher and bandleader

The virtual home of Alex Clough, Jazz pianist, teacher and bandleader.

Alex currently accepts students of all abilities, age 8 and up.  Since 2009, Alex has taught at the private and classroom levels the art of piano playing, music comprehension and other fundamental elements of music.  His philosophy can be summed up in a few key elements:

  • Emphasis on finding the appropriate learning method for each student.  No "one size fits all" strategies.
  • Prioritization of development of the ear, for melody, harmony and rhythm over less efficient modes of learning, such as rote instruction and over reliance on books. 
  • Seamless incorporation of the student's musical tastes intro broader lessons on fundamentals.  All genres of music work just fine! Jazz, Broadway, Folk, Classical, Salsa, Polka (yes, even Polka).
  • Coursework that includes memorization of pieces, ear training homework, listening assignments (to broaden the student's knowledge of music history) and custom-made exercises to apply ideas taught in lesson